The Need

Young people today are inheriting a climate that will be costly to them for the rest of their lives. They are in essence the principal stakeholders in decisions made today about how, and how fast, we as a society address climate change. Yet young people are typically not at the table where critical determinations affecting their future are being made.

We believe the perspectives of youth must now be factored into the climate-related decision-making of key bodies. This includes boards of nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses as well as government agencies. Until now elders have been in sole charge.  Given that future generations will face unprecedented challenges to their wellbeing this needs to shift.

Meaningful representation of youth in decision making is a matter of moral obligation, but it is also a practical imperative.  More effective approaches to confronting the climate crisis will be identified if the perspectives of young people complement the knowledge and experience of elders.

The purpose of this initiative is to expand climate action of organizations, institutions and businesses by integrating the perspectives of youth into their decision making. To realize the potential of this initiative, both youth and existing decision makers will need to be prepared for this more age-diverse model of leadership.


  • Younger Generation participants
  • Emma Cost
  • Anna Siegel
  • Sophie Warren
  • Sara Freshley
  • Harper Fendler
  • Katie Perry
  • Abby Novak
  • Kosis Ifeji
  • Phillip Dube
  • Older Generation participants
  • Ann Tartre
  • Newell Lewey
  • John Hagan
  • Andy Whitman
  • Gilda Nardone
  • Steve Kaagan
  • Richard Nelson
  • Cathy Lee
  • Phillip Dube

Want to get involved?

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What we’ve learned about working intergenerationally

Two members of the Intergen Climate Group published a paper in the online version of Stanford Social Innovation Review in January, 2021.  We encourage anyone interested in working intergenerationally to read this article.  We gained many insights we could not have been anticipated– insights that have helped us respect and trust each other.

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